April 4, 2020

Why enterprises choose React Native?

Why Enterprises choose React Native?


The recent Telecommunication survey conducted by The International Electronics and
Telecommunication Society (IETS) confirms about 4.14 million mobiles are sold in the
global market every day. Further, there are about 180 million companies in 15 developed
countries offering approximately 5 billion mobile apps. This substantial metrics supports
the fact that mobile apps are one of the key parameters to the consumption.

Choosing a Mobile App

Every single human need irrespective of its significance is practically at the click of a
mobile. Traditionally, a web app, a native app or a hybrid app is generates mobile apps.
The overall mobile-app-performance is evaluated on the basis of its downloads,
installations, registrations, subscriptions, upgrades and its engagement with the client. It
is believed that end-users shape the market and 75% of the global netizens use React
Native framework-based mobile apps as one of the growth factors for their business.

Why React Native?

The React Native released in January 2015 has captivated tentatively 70,000 GitHub stars
with its good and user-friendly documentation. React Native acts an excellent teaching
tool and executes faster (60 frames per second). 95% of the enterprises choose React
Native because of its write once run on multiple platforms nature.

React Native Takeaways

✓ Provides facility to work offline.
✓ Maintains a familiarity in overall usage.
✓ Adapts automatically with User interface and design.
✓ Seamlessly integrates with camera functions, calendar tasks, GPS.
✓ Empowers start-ups with creating a high performing application with half the time
and cost-effective budgets.

React Native Applications

The Facebook-reach using a React Native framework-based app on the mobile is indeed
great achievement. Also, the availability of Instagram, Airbnb, and Skype on mobiles for
business collaboration is very cost-effective.

So, stay abreast with app-development in React Native to transform your entire