Industry 4.0 is coming to stay?

by Vishnu P, CEO of Delighteck

How can your company realize value in the current digital age?

The shop floors and boardrooms of the future will host a blended workforce. Humans and intelligent machines, jointly delivering outcome-based value that neither could produce alone. The result will be different, more skilled jobs. Start upskilling your existing workforce and recruiting new skills. Explore such digital workforce models as crowd sourcing. And focus on your line managers, as they will be key to developing the change agents of the future.

Digital Product Development

Data-driven “living" products are the core of Industry X.0.

These products are equipped with sensors, controlled by software and connected to the Internet. They collect all kinds of valuable data, analyze it, and share the results with other connected products and devices.

Companies need to adopt digitally empowered R&D processes and thus a new, digitized Product Lifecycle Management approach. In fact, a strong, digital PLM strategy must be the starting point for product development in the emerging era of data-driven living products that allow for responsive and hyper-personalized user experiences. That means digitizing PLM, end to end, right across the enterprise.

Platforms & Ecosystems

In a data-driven industrial world every industrial business needs to be part of an ecosystem, and some require platforms too. In fact the combination of an ecosystem and a platform can turn a business into an engine of innovation and growth.

Two-thirds of recent out-performers say they encourage employees to proactively build relationships with external stakeholders. And most manufacturing enterprises are starting to use both ecosystems and platforms as growth engines. As this disruptive change accelerates it will redefine the rules of competitiveness.

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