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We’ve customised and built apps for businesses ranging from humble startups to global MNCs using the newest and latest forms of technology such as Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, just to name a few.

Delighteck Industries


Health Tech

Health Tech

Delighteck accelerates healthcare using IoT, data, and AI. From medical device development to hospital management systems, we contribute to proactive, efficient, and equitable healthcare.


Digitize Industries

Industry 4.0

We transform traditional organizations by combining with internet-of-things, to enable 4th-gen tech-powered businesses..


Digitize Logistics


We help businesses redefine transportation & logistic operations via digital transformation & IOT integrations.

Smart Cities & Nations

Digitize cities and nation

Smart Cities & Nation

Delighteck is paving the way for the future with smart cities and nations, focusing on sustainable living and clean energy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Delighteck

Frequently Asked Questions about Delighteck

We approached Delighteck because we loved their past work. They delivered something remarkably similar in record time.

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