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Delighteck Industries - Smart Cities & Nation

Delighteck is paving the way for the future with smart cities and nations, focusing on sustainable living and clean energy.


What is the future of smart city nation?

Retailers are able to create an efficient checkout process, minimize current waiting times, and increase productivity to reduce operational costs and support their global business across all channels.

  • Smart Buildings
  • Clean Energy
  • Sustainable living
Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Sustainable living

Features / Points

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • E-Government Services

  • Smart Waste Management

  • Smart City Security Systems

  • Smart Healthcare Solutions

  • Environment Monitoring

Sustainable living

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More Industries


Solving meaningful problems in Aerospace industry

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Health Tech

Delighteck accelerates healthcare using IoT, data, and AI. From medical device development to hospital management systems, we contribute to proactive, efficient, and equitable healthcare.

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