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What is Sigfox?

Sigfox is a similar radio protocol, but closer to the cellular network in style

One global 0G network to connect your physical world with the digital universe and power industry transformation. Sigfox is a French global network operator founded in 2010 that builds wireless networks to connect low-power objects such as electricity meters and smartwatches, which need to be continuously on and emitting small amounts of data. ONE

SIGFOX Overview

SIGFOX is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) IoT technology. It offers a simple, energy-efficient method of sending small amounts of data over long distances.

How Does SIGFOX Work?

SIGFOX operates in the sub-gigahertz frequency bands and uses Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) technology, providing robust long-range communication with low power consumption.

Range and Speed

SIGFOX coverage typically ranges from 30km to 50km in rural areas and 3km to 10km in urban areas. The data rate is limited to 100 bits per second.

SIGFOX in Medical Devices

The energy efficiency and long range of SIGFOX make it increasingly attractive for certain medical devices.

Advantages of SIGFOX in Medical Devices

SIGFOX's main advantages are its low power consumption, long range, and simple design. It can transmit data reliably over long distances, making it suitable for battery-powered medical devices.

Applications of SIGFOX in Medical Devices

Remote Patient Monitoring

SIGFOX can be used in remote patient monitoring systems, where it can transmit patient data to healthcare providers without consuming much power.

Asset Tracking

SIGFOX is also used in medical asset tracking, providing information on the location and status of medical equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions about SIGFOX in Medical Devices

1. Is SIGFOX secure for transferring medical data?

Yes, SIGFOX includes encryption features to ensure the secure transmission of data.

2. Can SIGFOX interfere with other medical devices?

SIGFOX uses Ultra Narrow Band technology and operates at regulated frequencies, reducing the risk of interference with other devices.

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